A Sitting Spot

Part of the Rewilding Challenge

Sometimes there is a place where we like to go to think. Maybe it is your favorite chair or in bed right before you fall asleep. My challenge this week is to find one outside. A place where you can sit and contemplate, let your mind wander and look around. Bring a cup of coffee sometimes or your favorite book but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty around you.

It should be a place where you feel comfortable, not lazy-comfort like you feel in the favorite chair but there should be something about it that feels like home. This might manifest as an unexplained warmth or a strange and beautiful sight that you can’t seem to explore enough with your eyes. Sit in this spot as often as you can and see what happens to your mind. Does it open up? Does it bring out emotions?

See you on Wednesday with the story of mine. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Sitting Spot

  1. Johnny Null

    As you know, don’t have much time to sit and reflect these days. But this did immediately remind me of my favorite tree in the back yard when I was growing up. Can’t tell you how many hours I’d spend in that tree. Climb to a branch that was most definitely two stories up (until you grow up and learn how high that is), and ponder all that I could ponder. Very nice memories.

    1. znara Post author

      That is a wonderful memory. I too spent much time in trees as a child or sitting at the bottom of the rock face my parents were climbing. Nature always finds a way to put you in a contemplative mood no matter what age you are 🙂

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