Above and Below The Hill: Part 2

Plot co-authored by Cap’n J age 4

Part two of Sitting on a mushroom

Then as my back slid onto the sand on the other side of the pond, I felt the ground move. Away from the water I went but not of my own volition. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Why was I moving so fast and suddenly falling into darkness…

140cam hump…My back hit the ground hard as hundreds of ants scrambled over me. Where was I? Dust was in my eyes and it seemed as though the walls were moving in the dimness.

Getting up on my hands and knees, I crawled away from the ants and into a cavern lit by an eerie, silver light . The ground was wet and iridescent purple mushrooms grew everywhere in the dull, brown mud.IMAG0846A line of ants marched near the wall toward an area where they were piling up on top of something. There seemed to be a large battle. As I crawled closer I found the area lit by bright sunlight from above and I strained to see what was under the creatures. They seemed to take no notice of me, so I crept very close to touch the hard grey creature they were crawling on. It felt like wood and had a very long nose, big ears and lifeless eyes.DSC03117

As I grabbed onto its foot, a huge pink hand reached from above and pulled the creature and me into the air. The hand belonged to a small giant and before I knew it I was shoved into a pocket on its chest that I could almost see through. My companion must have been a toy because it did not move or speak even though we were safe from the ants.DSC03694 We bumped along the edge of the water and back around to the trail. I could see the rough outline of trees and thought about escape.

Jumping up, I was barely able to grab the the edge of the pocket with my fingertips. I struggled to pull myself up and hook my leg on the edge of the pocket. For a moment I thought I might roll out but was able to close my eyes and hold on tight. Slowly I slid my other leg into empty air and sat on the edge of the pocket like I would sit on the curve of a leaf. At just the right moment, I vaulted out and seemed to fall for a long time through the cooling air. Ouch! I hit a log hard, barely missed a little brown-capped mushroom, and slid down the wet moss backwards onto the flooded cap of a giant red mushroom.

I sat up and looked around. My home was on the far side of the pond and across the trail I had crossed at the beginning of my adventure. The giants faded into the distance as I sipped water from my hand and cleaned the dirt off my face. Quickly, I galloped through the ferns and rolled in the soft moss all the way home to perch on my orange mushroom.

The sun set and shiny bright specks filled the sky. I counted them while I laid on my back, dreaming and eventually sleeping. Finally I was safe and sound.

…I sit here now, though, remembering my great adventure and hoping that there will be more adventure in my future. That can’t be all there is…

The End

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