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The fog of the last few months has finally lifted. The endless days of sickness and sleeping just to manage my normal work has finally eased.

BabyAvatarMy rewilding experience took a turn for the unexpected when I realized that I was pregnant in the middle of October. Every day since then has been full of joy but quite a challenge. In the end though I am happy to announce that come next summer Johnny Null and I will be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world. Cap’n J is over the moon to get a little sister and we are overjoyed at our little surprise.

TwentyTwoWeekUltrasoundMy second trimester has been just about as eventful as my first with round ligament pain, complications and an ever growing belly that there is no way a hip belt is going to fit around any time soon. Walking has been a challenge, hiking has been nearly non-existent. I was hoping that this pregnancy might be different from my first, allowing me to experience more physical activity with less problems. And while it has been much better, my very physical jobs of working the ranch and teaching ballet have made my desire to hike not equal to what it was prior to the pregnancy.

I do enjoy standing with the horses as snow flakes fall on the wide expanse below us. I try to stop my work and look around as the beautiful trees and rolling hills collecting their white carpet. I find it especially amazing when I am warm enough to wonder at the beauty without wishing I was wearing cloth with the miraculous properties of horse hair.

As I am wondering at the beauty of it all, Gunsmoke, my Mom’s white and grey paint horse will often wander over and smell my belly like he knows there is a foal in there. He is the king of our little hill of horses and takes care of me like I am one of the herd. Then my little girl kicks and I am brought to new happiness at this special life inside of me and all that the future holds for her and our family.

We have managed to get out for a couple short walks laced heavily with photography in the last few weeks. Until recently, the landscape seemed suspended in between fall and winter as we’d had more icy rain than snow. The mushrooms are all sleeping deep inside their decaying homes. The water is unwelcoming and the wind cuts through your skin as it blows past. Blues, greys and browns line the trails and sky in every combination. Winter is nearly gone but has only just begun as we know it here in New England. I think it is a long way from being done with us. I suspect the same could be said of this pregnancy.

I look forward to finding out 🙂 Happy winter hiking!

Stay safe and warm,



This is Johnny’s shot. He has such a way of seeing trees.



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    1. znara Post author

      Thanks Jamie! I am doing really good. Very excited to meet my little girl and feeling much less sick and tired. How about you? How is the blogging going?

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