Autumn Leaves – Part 2

The Glorious Death of Leaves


The wind howls through the cold fog. Leaves crackle as they roll over one another and swirl up into the air. Orange joins with red and yellow as they fade into the mixed brown of the decaying forest floor. Days of soft rain knock each leaf off of the skeleton it called home through the growth of spring and the vibrant life of summer. Say goodbye to shade, crooked shadows now line the trail.

I don’t feel like I’ve ever enjoyed fall as much as I have this year. Friends rave about how it is their favorite season, but I always felt like it was the end of so many things. Through my childhood, a melancholy would come over me this time of year. I have found that fall has a lot to offer this year. My own neighborhood offered so much beauty when I allowed myself the time to take it all in. If you haven’t been following my Rewilding Challenge, check it out here.

This week began with a few rainy days and I worried that I wouldn’t have a chance to spend time rewilding. But I took my camera everywhere and encouraged myself to literally stop and look around any chance the sun came out. When I would walk Cap’n J to the bus stop I would bring my camera and take pictures as I walked home. On my drive to work I would pull over and photograph any vivid trees by the side of the road. I made a special trip down to my favorite river yesterday morning.

DSC00609DSC00619DSC00618DSC00659As I walked down to my favorite spots the leaves covered the trail with a slippery carpet made of every fall color and texture. The pattern the leaves made was fascinating but I especially enjoyed picking out unique leaves that caught my attention. The lower green trees had caught many of the fallen leaves before they even hit the ground so every height was littered with yellow, red and brown.

DSC00633DSC00638Maple leaves made up most of those that had fallen. I found curly brown ones hanging from branches, yellow ones caught in spider webs and fire red ones floating through the air.

DSC00677DSC00678.v01DSC00662My favorite part of the photo shoots were the most unexpecting findings. A grey slug as big as my finger scooted down a fallen tree. Small, round mushrooms littered the trail, even pink ones, which I have only seen one other time.

Look closely for the little white capped mushroom among the leaves.

Look closely for the little white capped mushroom among the leaves.

DSC00642DSC00648DSC00650DSC00652The final surprise came hanging on a little pink and green bush. I am still unsure if they are buds or some sort of berry but they appeared to be changing even brighter than the leaves I had been photographing all week. If you know what kind of tree this is, please leave me a comment. I have not had time to research it yet.

DSC00680DSC00681It has been a wonderful week exploring autumn. I have come out the other side with a new appreciation for a season that I thought I knew all about. Spending time in forced photography kept me sane as I had another very busy work week. It was exactly what I needed. See you on Friday for our next instalment of the Rewilding Challenge. Until then, enjoy the glorious colors. Death never looked so beautiful.

A special thank you to @dcapillae for sharing his hike and mushroom discovery this week in his blog post Mushrooms Along the Way (use google translate to read about his findings since he writes from beautiful Spain) and Dog About Town for sharing a picture from their last hike on our Facebook page. Keep them coming!


One thought on “Autumn Leaves – Part 2

  1. Daniel Capilla

    Excellent photos!: “Death never looked so beautiful” 🙂

    I’m afraid I do not know what kind of tree is that one. Pink leaves! Curious!

    I was looking for autumn leaves during my hiking, but the most of trees in Montes de Málaga have green leaves all the year: pines, holm oaks, olives, carobs…

    I took a picture of some carob leaves during my hiking. Also a picture of the carob fruits. It is possible eating them directly from the trees when they are mature. They are used as a chocolate substitute in diets (I prefer chocolate, It is tastier).

    I will try in gardens. In Málaga we have many gardens with beautifull trees and autumn leaves.

    Good luck and thank you! 😉

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