Autumn Leaves

Part of the Rewilding Challenge

The leaves are changing, summer is slipping away. Cold mornings and pumpkins are taking the place of long summer days. My challenge this week is to embrace the change.

Take your camera or phone and go for walks this week. Find different color leaves and photograph them or write about it. Look at the texture of the dying leaves: are they crispy and shriveled or alive and bright? Does it change if they are wet? What do they look like up close? What do they look like hanging on the tree tops against the cloudy sky? Spend time just contemplating the beauty and shortness of the autumn season. Does it mimic something in your own life that has changed recently or that you are afraid will change?

Let me know what you find. Post your pictures or share your poetry on our Facebook or Twitter pages. If your leaves aren’t changing yet, the green ones are no less beautiful. If you look closely at what you consider ordinary or see it from a different perspective, you may find something unique. I’ll share my week with you on Wednesday.

Happy leaf peeping!

Nehantic Trail in Autumn

Nehantic Trail in Autumn


2 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Daniel Capilla

    I recently read an inspirational quote about the autumn leaves. Sometimes your blog reminds me of Thoreau:

    “How pleasant to walk over beds of these fresh, crisp, and rustling fallen leaves, —young hyson, green tea, clean, crisp, and wholesome! How beautiful they go to their graves! How gently lay themselves down and turn to mould!— painted of a thousand hues and fit to make the beds of us living. So they troop to their graves, light and frisky. They put on no weeds.” (Journals, Oct. 20, 1853)

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