Baby Phoebes

As I’ve been preparing for my upcoming backpacking trip, I have had the pleasure to watchΒ  a beautiful family of flycatchers prepare to leave the nest on my front porch. I feel especially lucky that the Eastern Phoebe decided to nest here instead of the more usual, overpopulating, types of birds like sparrows.

Phoebes are light greyish-brown with a white chest and sweet dark eyes. You will find them flitting around your yard catching bugs. Their signature bobbing tail, while perched, is a great way to identify these friendly birds and they sing their own name into the sunshine. They are so friendly around their nests that they were one of the first birds ever to be banded.

Here is my beautiful family growing…DSC03016DSC03023DSC03026DSC03029Any day now these sweet creatures will make their way out of the nest and into the world. Hopefully they will come back and nest with us again.

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