Barefoot – Part 2

Free Your Toes


Our feet are our connection to the earth. They also hold us up and move us forward by this connection. So it’s not a surprise that it feels wonderful when they touch the earth in their natural state. This week I tried to take off my shoes and socks as much as possible.

IMG_2754I sat in my car looking down at the thick layer of crunchy leaves below my feet and wondering if it would hurt to step on them. How is it that I have gone so long since doing this that I can’t remember what it feels like? Underneath them are the tiny rocks of a gravel driveway. I know how painful it is to step on these. Amazingly as I step on the dying leaves they cushion my feet against the rocks below. I couldn’t feel the texture of them but they are like a carpet. If I closed my eyes and was lead here unknowingly, I would have a hard time guessing what I was standing on.

DSC02138Walking on the cold pavement out to my car after teaching ballet for four hours felt as refreshing as a summer rain storm. The asphalt actually felt smooth and soft, not words I would ever have thought to use to describe it.

Driving without anything on my feet allowed me to feel the warmth of the car and the hum of the engine. My pedals are ribbed and the perfect size for the ball of my foot and just a little bit of the arch. This made me feel strong as my right foot pushed the car forward or slowed it down as I went around a curve.

DSC02087When I was dancing full time I hated taking off my shoes. I wouldn’t think twice about beating up my feet in the studio or on stage but otherwise they were tucked safely in their padded beds. They were not fragile but I treated them as if they were. Now that they are used to carry me for miles with 30lbs on my back I have indulged in taking off my shoes more. They feel strong, as they should. It is natural for them to see the world and experience it.

Have you ever hiked barefoot?

4 thoughts on “Barefoot – Part 2

  1. Daniel Capilla

    I have never walked barefoot in my hiking routes. Walking barefoot is a powerful idea: to connect with the earth and nature directly through the sensations of our bodies and our feet. I like it!

    I am sure that if Nature were a woman, she would like to walk barefoot through the woods.

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