I am happy to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter!

Our Lil’ Squidge came to us four days late…

I was lucky enough to have both Alpine Florist and my dear friend Becky alongside Johnny, for the eight hours it took us to bring our 7lb 15 oz beauty into the world.

SmilesThere were moments when I thought I couldn’t do it. The contractions were coming one on top of the other with no break. But then Alpine Florist said “imagine you are on the trail…” and she took me through the woods with images of well worn ground under my feet, blue sky peaking through the canopy and mushrooms on every tree. My breathing slowed. I held Johnny’s hand so tight but I knew I would make it.

It was incredible to watch Lil’ Squidge being born from my own body, not into warm water like Cap’n J’s birth, but screaming into the open air of our hospital room and then onto my chest where she nursed with closed eyes and little cooing grunts. How quickly six years makes you forget the pain as well as the wonder of it all. Giving birth is the ultimate rewilding experience.

When Lil’ Squidge finally opened her eyes, she looked into my soul with her shiny marble grey eyes and worried brow. It reminded me of watching a Great Horned Owl perched on a distant tree through my binoculars. Those big, dark eyes seem to know everything about you.

Her lungs were strong then and since her birth she has used every opportunity to exercise them, sometimes for hours at a time. Cap’n J is overjoyed to be a big brother, except during those fussy times. I often take her outside and let the sun calm her down. Her little toes grip my finger (yes I said toes, she has little monkey feet) and she squints up to the sky. When the birds sing she looks in every direction, not realizing that they are out of the reach of her vision. The wind blowing over her body eases her into a light sleep.

I can’t imagine not having my beautiful family. Love, worry, aggravation, exhaustion, and pure joy are a part of my life every day instead of just when I am on the side of a mountain.

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