HeartOnBabyDid you know you could be ticklish from the inside? This is only one of the things I have learned throughout my second pregnancy. I also learned that I could love and respect a man so profoundly and above all others that when I created life with him I would feel emotions that I didn’t know existed. Or that our love would bloom into a beautiful little girl. So many of my dreams will come true when she joins us this spring.

Spring is my favorite season. A time of the fresh smell of grass and dirt, of nature coming to life. Flowers open and promise the hot summer ahead will be colorful. This year I don’t feel my usual longing to run off into the woods adventuring, to escape my life. I feel like standing tall with the trees surrounded by the life I was brave enough to create.

Butterflies and frogs emerge to add their sounds and beauty to the hummingbirds and sun streaked landscape. Nature sings with all the pain and joy of the wonderful moment in time. Days bloom and cool nights usher in deep sleep. Thunderstorms toss the world into the chaos of this season of birth and new beginnings. Before we know it, life will change.



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