Camp Coffee

IMAG0430A good cold brew will eliminate acid and make a refreshingly easy, water bottle full of coffee (or tea). Here’s how to do it…

Get a good metal water bottle because it kept our water a more refreshing temperature than plastic. If it’s extra hot out, you can stick it in a cold stream in the morning for a bit before drinking. Just make sure you secure it, so that it doesn’t get washed away.

We chose our favorite loose leaf tea (from for the first morning and french roast coffee for the next.

Use one tablespoon tea or coffee per cup of water that your bottle can hold. Pack this ahead of time in a plastic bag.

DSC03891Our water bottle could hold 3 cups of water (24oz), so we used three tablespoons.

DSC03894Before heading to bed we divided the tea or coffee among two disposable tea bags and attached them to the neck of the water bottle with rubber bands so that they wouldn’t fall in and spoil the brew.

Fill the bottle with COLD water, no stove necessary. Close it up tight and put it upright in your bear bag or hang it on a tree if you are not in bear country.

When you wake up it should be cold, delicious and ready to drink.

2 thoughts on “Camp Coffee

    1. znara

      I thought you might enjoy this idea, considering that we are kindred-coffee-souls 🙂 I had no idea that it would taste so good. We just didn’t want to bring the camp stove and voila, better than hot, in my opinion. Let me know what you think when you try it.

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