Embracing the Darkness

Recently, I had the pleasure of writing for Johnny’s blog, Null in the Void. His blog is a collection of musings on everything from religion to food to martial arts. He is always inspiring me and his blog does no less. Sometimes his thoughts are harsh and NSFW (the rating is more language related than other not safe subjects) but always honest and thought-provoking.

When I decided to write for his blog I wanted to let out some personal thoughts and talk about subjects that don’t fit with Hot Mama Hikers. So here it is, the beginning of my first post (besides an introduction – stuff you already know) called Embracing the Darkness. It is about my journey out of a dark place in my life and what emotions have to teach us.

If you want to read the full article, head on over and explore. Two of my favorite of Johnny’s posts are The Sacred and Martial Arts. Give him some comment love too! He enjoys a good debate.


Embracing the Darkness


For a long time, I lived in a world of light where nothing real ever happened. There was no real pain and for a long time that made me want to experience it slightly. It made me wonder when the time for something bad to happen would come. What I didn’t realize was that I was living in a world of true darkness, trapped and not myself.

I couldn’t read stories with bittersweet endings and I couldn’t watch movies with dark or troubled characters without walking away feeling like the world was hopeless.

When I finally woke and would not accept that place anymore as my home, the world became…

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The Natchaug River at dusk

The Natchaug River at dusk

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