Jagged Corners

I cut through the wintry air like a long, fragile knife. Liquid to solid, I slow. From the ground and air, I pull and freeze in time and place as the sun rises and sets endlessly. Touch me and I will crack and disappear. Photograph me and I will live forever in your warmth.

20131130_12255420131130_12254420131130_12204520131130_12001320131130_12000720131130_11535120131130_11571120131130_114612IMAG1212IMAG1219IMAG1244IMAG1258Photographs by Johnny Null and Znara

6 thoughts on “Jagged Corners

    1. znara

      Thanks Bonnie! These shots were taken by two Android phones. I was taking mine for a test drive on our short hike by Mansfield Dam last week. They really handled the macro shots and captured the true color and detail wonderfully.

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