Lady’s Slipper & Salamander Eggs

I always imagine these pink orchids stand poised to receive the small dainty feet of fairies with white linen wings and bare muddy toes. They lined the Shenipsit Trail near Enfield, CT when we were on it at the beginning of June. It was such a wonderful momentary respite from the daily struggle of farm life. It has been dirty, hard, and very satisfying all at the same time. But when I see these beautiful plants and they stand dappled in the shade, so fragile, I feel suddenly feminine.

DSC04606DSC04590I said goodbye to an old and trusted friend on this hike: the camera who has been with me on every backpacking trip and day hike for many years. The thought of hiking without my Sony Cybershot makes a trip seem just a little less fulfilling. With it I get to capture all the small moments. The big ones stick in my memory, the funny stories and the views. But the hidden gems, my camera saves those for me to linger looking at when I am stuck inside and miss my sanctuary.

My trusty Samsung Galaxy 3 happens to have a good camera on it, and thankfully captured these gooey salamander eggs and iridescent mushrooms exactly the way my fingers and eyes asked it too. Every little pond holds treasures in summer, the season of life and plenty here in New England.


20140601_144311Our trail and our view…


This is the last picture that my Sony Cybershot took 🙁

20140601_13341420140601_135234What a lovely escape! Walking, thinking, sunning ourselves and leaving refreshed after such a short jaunt.

If you want to explore the Norther section of the Shenipsit Trail, get your maps from the CT Walk Book East with this small change,, and here’s some other useful info…

Trails Up Soapstone Mountain worth discovering (the view seen in the last picture came from the fire tower here)

The Shenipsit on Wikipedia

If you are heading further south, check out Case Mountain for some more great trails.

6 thoughts on “Lady’s Slipper & Salamander Eggs

  1. Linda Strickland

    oh those are awesome lady slipper pictures! And I love the idea of fairies with white linen wings and bare muddy toes. How beautiful!

    1. znara Post author

      I always envision such imaginary worlds while hiking. I look at a hollowed out log with hidden mushrooms and think “That would be a nice place to stop and sit if I were an inch tall” 🙂

  2. Mark Cashman

    Lovely stuff – I love the light on the tiny translucent mushrooms. The Shenipsit goes right near us (I pass the intersection near the CCC museum almost every day) and it also allows horseback riding,. It is no doubt intermediate to advanced for trail riders.

    1. znara Post author

      Thank you! Most of it seemed horse appropriate. There were a few spots that seemed difficult but I don’t think harder than the trails in the back 20.

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