Mostly Paleo Trail Mix

20140626_193645Whether you are backpacking or day hiking, you have to eat. Eating fuels your adventure. I don’t claim to eat Paleo-perfect but it sure has changed my life for the better. That story is for another post though.

Trail mix can be more than just GORP (Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts). Now I mix up many interesting tastes that I never would have thought about including prior to changing the way I eat. I couldn’t go a day on the trail without a handful of the stuff to fill in the gaps.

So here’s a few of trail-tested recipes that you might enjoy. Even if you still pack M&Ms in your mix these might open up some new and fun flavor combinations…

Nut Love

This mix is low carb, intended for consumption at lower altitudes or when you don’t need a sugar high

Pistachios (dry roasted and salted)

Cashews (dry roasted and salted)

Walnuts (not roasted or salted – which makes them stay nice and creamy)

Almonds (roasted to bring out the flavor and crunch but leave the salt off)

Just a handful of cranberries (for a little sweet and a little tart – this is a low carb trail mix though so don’t go too crazy)

Coconut chips (plain or toasted with curry – find the recipe here)


Summit Mix

This mix is fantastic for the tough mountain days when you need a high fat and higher carb pick-me-up

Macadamia nuts (roasted and salted)

Roasted Hazelnuts (roasted but not salted)

Coconut chips (plain or with cinnamon – find the recipe here)


Cocao Nibs




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