Mushrooms in Full Color

Often change is like fire taking you in a hot blaze before you even realize what’s happening. This year, summer ended long before I was ready. I have a beautiful baby to show for it though.

Now she is my muse and constant writing companion…

20151105_105728In caring for this lovely new creature I managed to neglect nearly everything else. My plants are all dead or nearly dead and I don’t vacuum under things any more. There are times when I feel my loss of freedom. It sneaks up on me when I am stressed out and running on empty. This is the reality of motherhood.

We didn’t go on any long backpacking trips or exciting adventures but I carried my beautiful newborn along every trail that my slightly broken, I-just-gave-birth body would let me. I had a significant abdominal muscle separation that required physical therapy but I am healing. I also will admit to eating more Halloween candy than I should have, causing my immune system to be very upset with me.


I photographed some amazing mushrooms this summer, with Johnny’s help, that I am including in this post, and I wrote a couple of pieces that I will share in the upcoming weeks. I have finally settled into the stressful school routine with Cap’n J and nap/feed/change/whine routine with Lil’ Squidge. Before I know it, winter will be here.

Time flying past makes quick memories because I barely have time to enjoy the moments while they are happening. Hopefully I won’t look back and regret.


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms in Full Color

  1. Daniel Capilla

    Maternity and child care are very hard and stressful tasks. Twenty-four hours every day can even affect the physical and mental health.

    We have to find a way to “turn off” for a while every day. Parents (mothers especially) often worry excessively about their children. They should also take care of themselves.

    So pretty baby! Soon she will need a backpack to accompany mom to look for mushrooms 😉

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