My Love Affair with Jack Frost

PinterestLeafPicAs the dying leaves fell from the the trees, the frost began to set in. The cold morning froze each vein of the twisted leaves where they lay. Little ice crystals grew from the ends of each corner and quickly turned the vibrant colors to crinkly brown paper, cracking and dry.

One morning I took Cap’n J to the bus stop and wished I had gone out earlier to take pictures. Below my feet were leaves frozen in time, white with the frost and calling to me to be photographed. I said to myself, “Tomorrow morning I will take pictures.”

The next day came and so did the warmth. The frost was scared away and so was the beauty. Each morning I woke up and looked out the window or checked my phone for the weather and hoped the frost was coming. Cap’n J asked me what I was doing. He seemed sad when I told him about missing the first frosty morning after the leaves had fallen.

We enjoyed the late summer temperatures and sweet, warm rains. The lawn mower came and mulched the leaves. It seemed as though I had missed my chance.

Jack-frostBut fall came back in for one more quick appearance. I got my frosty morning before the leaves turned to mush. I came back inside holding my camera, took off my boots and warm hat.

“I got my pictures, buddy.”

He grinned at me through a mouthful of scrambled eggs with spinach.

“I know, Mom.”

Jack frost may look like a man to some but to me he looks like the perfect morning. The leaves are frozen and your breath is like smoke. The chill begins to sneak into your jacket. Your cheeks are rosy and cold as you walk for warmth. Don’t forget about this moment of beauty. It comes and goes so fast you might miss it. I nearly did.

frosted ground coverDSC01150DSC01151frosted grassfrosted maple leafDSC01139DSC01143DSC01149DSC01140

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