Null on Mt. Katahdin

Here’s our wonderful, yet difficult hike on the Helon Taylor Trail seen through Johnny’s eyes. A rare glimpse of me and a unique perspective of this inspiring forest. We hope you enjoy!

IMAG2000IMAG2006IMAG2007IMAG2017IMAG2022IMAG2032IMAG2036IMAG2042IMAG2055IMAG2044To read about the rest of our adventure check out Mt. Katahdin and the Hardest Trails in New England and Sharing Mt. Katahdin.

2 thoughts on “Null on Mt. Katahdin

    1. znara Post author

      Hahaha! Now that I have a regular hiking partner who enjoys photography too you will see a lot more of that. Thank goodness for bandanas, they cover my dirty hair.

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