Sitting next to my wood stove, as it burns hot enough to boil the pot of water set on top, the winter cold still chills me to the bone. If I venture into the bathroom or bedroom, it is even more frigid. When my son and I stood outside waiting for the bus this morning, we stood like two fleece statues huddled against the wind. I am trying to teach my son that life is not always comfortable and you have to enjoy it anyway or at least make it through. So I think we both need some perspective, inspiration and perhaps a good laugh.

Horses love to roll in the snow with their special fuzzy coats protecting them from the cold. Humans prefer a little plastic between them and the elements.

Most of us animals like to run through the snow and wind though, just for fun…

If we hold off the cold with play, then maybe we will remember the wonders of winter.

*These videos are not mine, so if you like them, please comment on YouTube and let their makers know how much you do 🙂

10 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. naturerestoresme

    I loved the horse rolling around in the snow! He was digging into it with his face. My camera turned off yesterday while taking bird shots. I figured if the camera was off, then maybe this human body should go inside as well!

    1. znara

      I am often very thankful to be a human and to have a warm cozy house to go to, unless it’s like this morning where cozy, even in the house, is a stretch 🙂 I hope you’ll post some of those bird shots! The cardinals are so photogenic this time of year.

  2. westerner54

    The sound on the Mt. Washington one is so painful…those folks have fortitude, that’s for sure. Love the kitty, as well. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy life even when it’s uncomfortable!

    1. znara

      Yeah, you can see them barely able to move against the wind. That is fortitude! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I always enjoy your feedback 🙂

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