DSC01903The word “rewilding” is thrown around a lot as though we were all wild to begin with but lost it somewhere along the way and now need to make our way back. The term bothers me though, because its not as though we were all running naked through the woods last year but have all of a sudden become domesticated to wear suits and be taken for walks by our ties. Humans are not inherently evil for not wanting to sit and absorb nature all of the time but instead have the desire to work at something other than satisfying our basic needs and be creative using tools we make with our minds instead of with sticks.

On the other side of the coin, we forget to put our work down on a regular basis, live in the moment and allow our thoughts to move about without direction. We also forget to look around and take time to heal and reduce stress in our lives. Studies have shown that nature can help make us more creative, happy people.

DSC01132This summer in general, but especially the last two weeks have completely gotten away from me. Teaching, taking shotokan karate classes, working on the ranch, and quite a few writing projects have produced a seriously exhausted Hot Mama. Spending time in nature has been relegated to cleaning up horse poo in the outdoor paddock or throwing a hundred bales of hay into a trailer under the hot sun. I love these tasks but with only two short backpacking trips to break them up – I missed just wandering through the forest taking macro shots of mushrooms whenever my fancy struck. And my schedule shows no signs of letting up.

My now exhausted brain craved my past time alone in nature (or with Johnny and Cap’n J of course), embracing every nook and wonderful vista. So I must find a way to fit it into my crazy new schedule or I will lose a piece of myself. Winter is coming too and that makes heading outside a more time consuming task. I am determined not to let it stop me from finding my inspiration again.

I thought I would challenge you to come with me on my rewilding journey. My plan is to set a fun task for myself that I will write about here each Friday. During the week I will head out into nature and enjoy it whenever I can squeeze in the time, and then I will write about how it went on the following Wednesday. There will be other posts of the usual variety as well in between. If you share pictures and stories of your own adventures, I’m sure I will get jealous and want to get out even more so please keep those coming here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you struggle with it like I have recently, you are not alone. It is well worth the struggle. We need relaxation and work to make life full. So I’ll see you tomorrow when I will take off my dirty flannel shirt and jeans or my ballet slippers and bun, and run off into the wilderness. Wish me luck!

IMAG0327 (1)– Znara

2 thoughts on “Rewilding

  1. Daniel Capilla

    I totally agree. Beautifully written! Never lose the relationship with the essentials of life, that is found in the wildness. Of course, the woods y the mountains can heal our bodies and our minds.

    Sometimes I think that humans do many things they do because they have lost their connection with the wildness, with the essentials of their lives, with the natural world. If you lose that connection, you can end up living in your imaginary world, a world of lies, a fake world… a sick and dangerous world. Honestly, it seems less dangerous to choose a life in the wildness.

    Enjoy the wildness. Good luck from Spain!

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