Sharing Mt. Katahdin

Is there a place that you can’t imagine not having seen in your lifetime: a place that your mind goes when it is late at night and you can’t sleep or you just feel lonely. For me, that place is the wilderness.

There are places in the wilderness that have tested me more than others. Mt. Katahdin in Maine is at the forefront of my mind. The first time I climbed it in 2005. It was terrifying to come up above treeline only to find a large rock with nothing but a metal bar to help you get over it, no handholds and a drop off the size of your greatest fear to both the right and the left.

I plunged into the fear though.

A podcast I recently listened to called it dancing with your fear. Being a dancer, I very much enjoyed that image but this was more like battling than dancing. When I got through it, I felt like I was flying though.

Being brave enough to open up and let someone else into this place is difficult. They could change it, put themselves all over it, and you might not be able to take your sanctuary back if something goes wrong.

But you trust this person more than anyone in your life. Trust, not have faith in. They have proven themselves time and again. So you open that door. Take them into your heart, home or your sanctuary.

And what happens…

They ask you to marry them at 5000ft, with a ring, kneeling next to you on the sandy rocks in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Yes please, let’s spend the rest of our lives together in all the places that scare me and all the places that are most beautiful to me, I love you. You have painted my mountain with the most brilliant colors, Johnny Null.

Fear will always be there but likely so will the person you let in, so let them in and face the beauty. It is worth giving it all.


Could we look more exhausted or more happy – never!

p.s. Johnny hasn’t proof read this, he usually does all my posts 🙂 I feel the need for more flow-of-thought and less editing. I am letting things go and let’s see where they take me. I hope you enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Sharing Mt. Katahdin

  1. Johnny Null

    This is demonstrably your greatest blog post in all the evers.

    That being said, thank you. This was unbelievably touching. I could not be more proud or happy.

    Let’s paint the trails together, Darling!

    1. znara Post author

      Thank you, My Love! Your words carry the greatest weight. I look forward to every bend of the trail and every hidden mushroom seen together…for all the evers.

  2. Mark Cashman

    I was lucky enough to see the pictures right after you came back and how much the experience had touched you. Like everything else worthwhile, you have to love the experience, the learning and the process as much as the goal. And when you are lucky enough to have an important event in so risky a place… you are a very lucky person.

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