Sitting On A Mushroom

I sit, hugging my knees and dreaming of the world beyond this crack. I’ve been beyond my orange seat to the water and hills but I came home and now wish I hadn’t. I close my eyes and remember sliding over each brown turkey tail to the grass and running full speed into the quivering green forest.

DSC02979DSC02995DSC02986For hours, I was sheltered by large stumps until I came upon a path. It was wide and covered in mud. Just as I was about to run across the trail, thundering echos came from around the bend. Hiding behind a flower I watched, my throat frozen. Splash! I was covered in mud. As I wiped it from my eyes and mouth and looked up through the shielding petals I saw the giants. They were the same colors as my mushrooms but they moved and were covered in shiny spots like the mica under my feet.

Running between their feet was all I could think of doing. I had to get past them and I couldn’t see an end to the line of them. Like a giant caterpillar they kept on coming, loud and clumsy. The water was just on the other side of those trees and I couldn’t go home after coming all this way.

I took one cautious step. BOOM, the ground shook! One more step and I was knocked to my side by a long, orange vine hanging from one of the giant’s feet. Grabbing onto it, I flew into the air and let go at just the right moment to catch a higher grey vine and swing again. It was a long way down this time, enough time to think about my landing and adjust my angle to slide down a giant, royal fern on the other side of the path… slip, slide and bump into the mud. Now my top and bottom were covered in squishy brown goo! But I faced the overwhelming view of the sparkling lake I had come to see up close.


I stood up slowly, and though I was sore, I couldn’t take my eyes off the floating white flowers and their green stands. I reached down, wondering if the water felt like the puddles back home. When my finger breached the surface, ripples fanned out. The water was so warm that at first I couldn’t feel anything. Then the soft wetness enveloped my whole hand as I reached deeper and deeper and I was diving in and swimming out across the beautiful silent surface.

As I floated on my back toward the hill on the other side I thought my own quiet thoughts and some loud, excited ones too. I was so happy.

Then as my back slid onto the sand on the other side, I felt the ground move. Away from the water I went but not of my own volition. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Why was I moving so fast and suddenly falling into darkness…

Part Two: Above and Below The Hill

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